Rat miniguns and forcing co-op in Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide


The mighty warriors over at Fatshark Games have released another dev diary for Vermintide, the upcoming Left 4 Skaven-like based on Warhammer’s recently completed apocalypse storyline. In it they detail some of the enemies you will face and how they went about forcing players to work together through enemy and level design.

It’s good to see that they’re not just ripping off L4D wholesale, as will have been tempting, though I would have opened on the gunner and transitioned to the Smoker-like fella. It’s a whole new thing to have to think about, especially once you get tricksy and try to use the spray of bullets to take out as much of the swarm as possible – while making sure you aren’t strafing your comrades on their way to save you.

I’m also excited to play around in the End Times, even if we’re limited to just one city. No matter what it lead to or how the story was actually told in the end, the idea of Games Workshop ending one of its 20+ year old universes and doing it in such a way that the bad guys win is really cool. I’m more of a 40k man, and hope they eventually do something similar there, but am looking forward to this and any other games set at the end of fantasy.

Fatshark are also looking for some volunteer voice acting work for their launch trailer. There’s a dedicated site where you can download a script and upload your result. Just entering gets you a copy of Hamilton’s Great Adventure, one of Fatshark’s previous games. Top ten will also get a copy of Vermintide, while the winner gets flown to Stockholm to record. I’m not sure why they’re not spending that flight money on a professional voice actor that would likely be cheaper and certainly be better, but perhaps it’s worth it from a marketing standpoint. Here I am telling you about it, after all.

Vermintide is still slated for Q3 this year, which means before the end of September.