Vermintide gets Last Stand horde mode for free and a new map in Schluesselschloss DLC

Vermintide Schluesselschloss DLC

After months of practicing where the dashes and colons go in Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide, Fatshark decide to drop ‘Schluesselschloss’ on us and ride off into the sunset? Alright game developers, we see how it is. The newly announced DLC comes as a small, paid part of a larger update that introduces a horde mode to the Left 4 Skaven-like. It’s all arriving towards the end of February but in the meantime, Fatshark want your help getting a better name.

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While it’s a uniquely googlable term, seeming to only share with a small British consultancy firm from a decade ago and a YouTube channel nobody’s used in three years, Schluesselschloss doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. Plus I’ve had to copy-paste it every time I’ve written it in the last few minutes and that’s stunningly annoying. Fatshark are asking for better nicknames for the map with a page on their official site dedicated to just that. The best 100 options will receive the map for free. I’d go with Dave, personally.

If you don’t feel like being creative, or know you just can’t beat the other 100 people, they’re yet to announce an exact date or price for the map. I assume it won’t be too expensive considering it’s a single map and the game is fairly budget-priced to begin with. Towards the end of February is their current estimate, release wise. Anyone who has access to it will be able to invite their friends to play, whether those folks own it or not.

It will arrive with a different, free map in tow for the new game mode, Last Stand, which does exactly what you’d expect – rather than charging through enemies, you just have to not die for as long as possible while they come at you. How hard can that be in front of a tidal wave of nibbly Skaven? The default version for this will be inside the city ofUbersreik (please, Warhammer, my fingers can’t take this), whileSchluesselschloss is in the forests outside. Have a read of the official announcement on Steam.