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Warhammer End Times: Vermintide shows off melee combat, begins beta giveaway


Games Workshop’s timing on their End Times event and video game tie-ins could genuinely not be worse. The plotline ended months ago and anyone even remotely invested in the universe now knows how it all goes down. Meanwhile, both co-op FPS Left4Skaven-ish Vermintide and Total Warhammer (that is what it is called and you are not getting me to change) are both set before and in it. The tabletop has long since moved on to a new continuity, meaning any possible sales caused by the games are being nullified. Then Games Workshop will wonder why they failed.

Anyway, enough griping about one of the most ludicrously mis-managed companies in all of history, Vermintide devs FatShark and IGN teamed up to deliver us a video showing off the melee combat in the game:

The number of moves here is basic, a few sword swings and a block, but it’s got that severed-heads-looping-from-bodies look down. That hammer issatisfying too, crunching three or four ratmen at once. My worry with first person melee games is always that taking on more than one enemy will either leave me hopelessly outmatches or won’t retain the same level of visual feedback. Vermintide is riding a thin but successful line here.

FatShark have also launched a beta giveaway, offering up to 100 keys to people who complete various twitter-related tasks. If you follow the game, follow the developers and then retweet a specific tweet, you receive three shots at one of the keys. After that you also get a referral link to give to a friend which will give you more shots at it. Obviously they’re benefiting far more from all this than you are, but if you want to play, thems your options. The giveaway can be accessed here. There is also the Beta Sign Up page, which will be used once things go more open.