Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide tells you everything you need to know about murdering big rats


Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide is a game about killing lots of men-sized rats. You’ll be killing them approximately all of the time, with axes, swords, muskets, and magic. If you’re a bit confused on what it means to murder a ratman, then you need to watch this new trailer from developer Fatshark. It explains all the intricacies, from how you swing a blade, to how limbs detach when said blade carves through flesh. 

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The eight minute video is a pretty comprehensive overview of everything in Vermintide, from it’s multiple heroes and their unique weapons, to the AI that governs the game and makes sure each playthrough is different. Yes, it sounds an awful lot like Left 4 Dead. But that’s no bad thing.

There’s also a looting system, and you’ll get to throw actual dice into a bowl to find results. This is a Warhammer game after all, and what is Warhammer without the dice?

The end times are practically upon us too: Vermintide releases on October 23st. Prepare the rat poison and sharpen your blades.