Warhammer – Vermintide gets all festive; kill rat men in the snow in the Karak Azgaraz DLC

Warhammer - Vermintide Karak Azgaraz DLC

Grab your pals, pick up a sword, a bow, a pistol, or maybe a magic staff, and get Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide fired up so you can assault the Dwarfen fortress of Karak Azgaraz and lay waste to the invading Skaven. It’s definitely worth rounding up your friends, since only one of you needs to own the DLC and you can all play it together. 

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The new map adds three new levels, all set in the snowy peaks of the Grey Mountains – a far cry from the warmth of your comfortable hub inn. You will battle deep into Khazid Kro, before trekking up to the mountain’s peak to trigger the Chain of Fire.

If you’re just in it for the loot, there are also two new rare weapons to seek out: a Warpick for the Dwarf Ranger, and a sharp Falchion for the Witch Hunter. There are also three new Steam achievements, if you’re one of those types.

Along with the new map, patch 1.5 lands, adding a host of improvements to the base game. Click that link for the full details, but here are the changelog highlights:

  • Added some weight and variation to ragdoll behaviours
  • Added physics to a number of props in the Inn which were previously static
  • A new HUD has been added when playing with controller
  • Added options to switch between XboxOne and PlayStation(R)4 icon sets for controllers
  • Added option to switch between different controller layouts
  • Added Auto-aim support when playing with controller
  • Added mouse scroll inputs as keybindings
  • Added option to disable/enable “Give Items with Block Key”
  • Franz Lohner no longer whistles cheerfully. It is the End Times after all!
  • Lots of code has been moved to less used CPU-cores, and runs more in parallel.
  • Added multi-level navigation pathing for enemies. So enemies should not get stuck no matter how far away from players they are.
  • Heavy optimisation of all shaders.

Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide’s Karak Azgaraz DLC is $9 on Steam.

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