Vermintide 2 is free to play this weekend for the launch of Chaos Wastes

Try out the brand new game mode for free now through Sunday

We had a chance to try out Vermintide 2’s new Chaos Wastes update ahead of its launch earlier this week, and we came away impressed: it’s a truly massive expansion, doubling the amount of level space that was present when Vermintide 2 was first released three years ago. Now you can try it out, too, because Vermintide 2 is free to play on Steam this weekend.

The Chaos Wastes is a free update for Vermintide 2, and it adds a new semi-roguelike mode to the rat-bashing co-op game. You’ll set off with your comrades on an increasingly difficult pilgrimage through the Wastes, choosing boons and new gear to buy as you collect pilgrim’s coins along the way. The combinations of buffs and weapons can pretty wild as you get deeper into each run, and it’s a fun way for veteran players to join up with newbies, since each expedition is its own chance to go from zero to hero.

The new mode has proven popular already: Fatshark says the first 48 hours after the launch of the Chaos Wastes update saw the highest number of players online since Vermintide 2’s launch.

Here’s the trailer, once again, in case you missed it:

YouTube Thumbnail

The new mode also includes Twitch integration, which means you can vote on what happens next to your favourite streamers while they’re wending their way through the cursed domains of Chaos.

If you’re just jumping into Vermintide for the first time this weekend, it’s a good time to pick the game up: the original Vermintide is 90% off, and Vermintide 2 is 75% off. For returning players, there’s also a 50% discount on all Vermintide 2 DLCs.