Vermintide 2’s next premium career is the Outcast Engineer role for Bardin

The plucky dwarf will be able to take up gatling gun with the next piece of paid DLC for Vermintide 2

Vermintide 2‘s next premium career DLC will be the Outcast Engineer role for Bardin Goreksson, the dwarven member of the Ubershriek Five (or four?). Fatshark announced the role on Twitter today and said further details will be forthcoming.

The key art shared along with the tweet shows Goreksson hefting an eight-barreled Gatling gun and wearing a set of intricate, heavy-looking armour clad in gold. The engineer role will be available as a piece of paid DLC, the same way Markus Kruber’s new Grail Knight career was introduced earlier this year.

Fatshark hasn’t yet explained how Bardin’s Outcast Engineer career will work, but we’re keen to make a couple guesses (even if our initial stabs at what this role would be in the first place were slightly off the mark). In the Warhammer lore, Dwarf Engineers are masters of science and gadgetry, constantly trying to invent new implements of destruction for their respective throngs. They spend huge amounts of time as students and apprentices – which both seem to cut a bit against Goreksson’s in-game persona – and are experts with artillery when called to war. During a livestream revealing the career, Fatshark developers explained that they’ve been saying that Goreksson is more of a “self-made engineer,” since technically he hasn’t graduated from any of the dwarven engineering schools.

Here’s how Goreksson looks in his engineer’s kit:

On the front lines of battle, Dwarf Engineers use the kind of black powder firearms and grenades that players already have access to in Vermintide 2, although that rotary gun is certainly a new addition to the arsenal.

Fatshark said it was getting a bit experimental with this career – where the dwarf Slayer and Kruber’s Grail Knight careers are more or less restricted to melee, the Outcast Engineer is more of a ranged carry who can use his career ability “as an extension of his ranged arsenal.”

In fact, that career skill is the crank-operated rotary gun, which functions as an equipped weapon while the skill is active. Instead of waiting for a meter to fill, Goreksson will have to periodically crank the gun to build up a head of steam. As an Engineer, it’ll be important for Goreksson to stay at range so he can most effectively use the gun, and the rest of the kit supports that. A new mechanical axe/hammer combination allows you to use either a hammer side for its extra knockback, or an axe side when slicing is required.

Then there’s his new masterwork pistol, which is cutting edge tech in the Warhammer world. It’s fed by a magazine and has a repeater function that can be brought to bear with the alt-fire mode.

We’ll be finding out more about the co-op game‘s Outcast Engineer role soon. It’ll likely be priced the same as the Grail Knight DLC, which cost £2.99 / $3.99.