Vermintide 2 developers worked closely with Games Workshop on “every line of text”

Warhammer: Vermintide 2

There are a lot of Warhammer-themed games out there now, but precious few drop you into that world as immersively as Vermintide 2 does – the sights, sounds, and horrors of Übersreik come alive in the game’s visceral, first-person perspective. Fatshark say they worked with Games Workshop throughout the game’s development to make sure Vermintide 2 stayed true to Warhammer’s decades-old lore and spirit.

“It’s been a really good relationship for us, and it all comes down to us being such big fans of Warhammer to begin with,” said Vermintide 2 lead designer Victor Magnuson in an interview with PCGamesN this week. “It’s a joy to work with them because they care so much about the IP.”

“We complement each other, because we know how to make a good game, and they know how to make sure that their IP is treated right and help us with it,” producer Robert Bäckström added. 

The developers said they would take their ideas to Games Workshop, who would then give them feedback and suggestions on what kind of character or lore element would work for what they wanted to do.

“They go that extra mile to make sure that we get a good game that’s true to Warhammer,” Bäckström said.

The way they describe it, Games Workshop’s involvement sounds like it could have been overbearing at times, but both Bäckström and Magnuson said it was a consistently positive experience.

“They approve everything we do: every single asset, every single line of text, everything. So everything goes through, so they are in complete control of what we are doing,” Magnuson said. “But in a good way.”

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