Free games: Vermintide 2 gets a free weekend and a drunken event level

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is free to play on Steam this weekend

March 8, 2019 Another Vermintide 2 free weekend is underway.

Today is the first anniversary of Vermintide 2’s launch and Fatshark is celebrating with a free weekend and a special event level with a selection of additional unlockables. The occasion also brings a sizable update full of quality of life tweaks and bug fixes, and a substantial sale on the game itself.

The free weekend is already underway, and scheduled to conclude in two days. As it always goes, you can hit Steam to download and install Vermintide 2 for the duration, and enjoy the game as much as you like until time is up. If you like what you play, you’ll be able to by the game at a 60% discount until March 11 – that brings the price down to $12.00 / £9.52 / €11.20.

This update brings a new event level called A Quiet Drink. As described in the patch notes, it’ll have you “join the heroes on a night out on the town. Surely nothing can go wrong with this plan.” You’ll be able to unlock three new portrait frames by participating in the event and, presumably, getting very drunk.


If you’re not familiar with Vermintide 2, it’s a co-op horde shooter set within the Warhammer universe. Think of something a little bit like a magical version of Left 4 Dead, but with many, many rats taking the place of all those zombies.

The anniversary trailer above gets the idea across in a very fun way.

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Winds of Magic, Vermintide 2’s first bit of paid DLC, is set to launch this Summer, and it should provide a healthy dose of fresh content for long-standing players.