Vermintide 2 gets mod support, daily challenges

Vermintide 2 Slayer leap

Vermintide 2 developer Fatshark today announced that a stream of new content is coming to the game in its latest content update, and the best part is, it’s all free.

Players of the fast-selling game can now dive into Okri’s daily challenges and quests and earn over 100 new cosmetic items including skins, hats, and portrait frames. Anyone who owns Vermintide 2 can expect to see the download enter their queue next time they log in to Steam.

Okri’s Challenges will give players a chance to earn new loot on a daily basis, that remain available if they’re not completed. The new challenges will also give you the chance to earn some of the most sought-after gear in the empire, meaning you can kit out your favourite hero, quicker. Fatshark has also addressed a fan criticism and increased the chances of obtaining cosmetics from chests.

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One of the more interesting aspects of this update is the addition of mod support. Mods for Vermintide 2 will now be supported through Steam Workshop, where you can subscribe to community-created mods and try them out as you see fit. If you want to get modding, you can check out the official how-to-guide to learn more.

“Vermintide 2 already challenges the players, but now we amp it up with daily challenges and quests,” says Mats Andersson, game designer at Fatshark. “The Content Update will bring exclusive skins, portrait frames and cosmetics for heroes who rise to the challenge.”

Here’s a quick video that runs through what’s new.

The devshave tweaked several systems in this latest update. Extracting Illusions no longer costs scrap and the cost of applying illusions has been reduced to 10 Scrap. As the previous cost of extracting illusions was 20 Scrap, each player will be refunded 10 Scrap per Illusion, upon logging in.

Dust can now be converted to a lower tier and confirmation delay when crafting and salvaging has been drastically reduced.

In terms of fixes, several Veteran items that lack distinctive textures and glowing runes havebeen updated with fancy skins. Issues have also been fixed with Veteran talents including Swiftbow’s ‘Edreal’s Will’ and ‘Spite-Tongue’. For a full list of fixes, consult the patch notes here.