Vermintide 2 brings the first batch of user mods into its Official Realm

Vermintide 2 mods have finally been added to the game, after developer Fatshark sanctioned the first bath of player-made content.

Vermintide 2

Developer Fatshark has rolled out the first ‘Sanctioned’ mods for Warhammer: Vermintide 2. These community-made mods have been approved by the developer and are now available for all players in the game’s Official Realm.

While mod support for the game was initially added back in May, Fatshark created a separate Modded Realm where users could experiment with any mod they wished. Progress in that realm, however, would not affect their progress in Vermintide 2 and were just for fun. At the time the developer promised to approve some of these mods for release in the Official Realm, and so be used in the game proper, and these are the first mods to get Sanctioned status since then.

The first wave of 11 new Sanctioned Mods can be checked out here. Don’t expect any new levels, reskinned character models or anything dramatic though – these are mainly quality-of-life things such as UI changes or improvements, optional waypoints, and the ability to skip the intro videos (which should be mandatory in all games).

More interesting mods include a rather cool bestiary, allowing players to view the stats for all the game’s monsters, and a mod to stop foolish players from dropping Grimoires. There’s also an improved version of the community-made Vermintide Mod Framework, which is apparently the most commonly-used mod on Steam Workshop. According to Fatshark, “just about every other mod in the workshop uses it to build their features.”

As mod support for Vermintide 2 is a relatively new thing the developer says it just wishes to “test the waters” with this first wave of Sanctioned Mods. The developer is keen to add more, including additional content mods such as maps, game modes, skins, weapons, etc. Fatshark says, “it’s going to be something we’ll have to figure out good solutions for in the future.”