Warlock 2 is set to become a snake-filled waterpark with the Wrath of the Nagas expansion

Warlock 2 expansion

Snakes get a bad rap. They are associated with sneakiness, death, poison, the Devil and a slew of nasty mythical monsters – even though they are totally rad. But sometimes they really bring it on themselves. Case in point: Wrath of the Nagas, the upcoming expansion for the wonderfully silly fantasy 4X game, Warlock II

The expansion sees a new race, the titular Naga species, and a pair of new mages entering the magical fray. They’re a nasty bunch of water-loving snake folk, and they are driven by a single goal: drown the world. Really, guys, this isn’t doing you any favours. 

A new campaign sees the Nagas break through the barriers into the realm of Ardania, where they start flooding the broken shards and generally being a nuisance. The mages must find them and hunt them down before everyone’s living in Waterworld, which would obviously suck.

The scaley buggers will be available as a playable race, too. Unlike the other races, they build on water and can cause a ruckus with fleets of amphibious units. I didn’t spend much time in the water before, what with all the horrible krakens and demonic jellyfish, so this should be a nice change of pace.

Along with the two great mages that come with the Naga – the gorgon Sfeno and the general Rhin-gaa-rook – a pair of lords, Warlock’s heroic units, will also be making an appearance. The Ace Harpy and Secret Physician can be met during games, or selected at the start as perks.

The expansion is due out later this year.