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Warlocks’ a co-op brawler programmed by a man with no hands

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The PC’s seeing a surge in shared screen co-op games of late and Warlocks looks to be a great addition to their number. Allowing for up to four-player local co-op and online play, it’s on you and your friends to battle with hordes of beasts and bosses as you fight through a series of worlds overtaken by the evil’s armies.

Throw into the mix procedurally generated loot and ten different warlocks, each with their own moves sets, and you’ve a whole pile of fun.

Oh, and the entire thing was programmed by a man with no hands.

Quite the feat.

You can see something of Warlocks and programmer Max Strzelecki in action in the game’s Kickstarter video:

At the start of the game you can select from the warlocks you’ve unlocked, each with different powers. The characters developer One More Level have revealed so far are all elemental in nature – ice, fire, lightning, and nature – but with six more to be revealed then they’ll need to move away from those standard fare sooner of later. I’m hoping for a mecha warlock.

The worlds you fight through are all rendered in detailed, eye-catching pixel art. Those shown so far are things like industrial worlds and forests but, according to the Kickstarter scrawl, late worlds are more varied – including a 1940s wall street level.

Something that will vary up repeat playthroughs is the procedurally generated loot. Apparently “you will be able to choose from huge variety of weapons and magic items that combined with different skill builds will allow you to enjoy different play-style each time you play.”

You don’t need to wait to try out Warlocks either. One More Level have done that rarest of things and produced a demo of their game so you can hop right in and decide if you want to back their pixellated brawler.

If you like what you’ve played then help the team towards their $25,000 target. They’re already 20% of the way there with another three weeks on the countdown to the end of the campaign.

If successful One More Level hope to have Warlocks out on Steam Early Access in November and have an April release date in mind.