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Cold War RTS game Warno gets mod support ahead of schedule

The latest patch for Warno adds some new German divisions, but it also adds modding support through the Steam Workshop, so now you can add your own battlegroups

A self-propelled anti-aircraft artillery vehicle fires at fighter jets from a grassy field surrounded by green trees in Warno

There’s a new patch out today for Cold War RTS game Warno, and it does some of the usual things we’ve come to expect as it’s made its way through Early Access on Steam – there are a couple new divisions to field, some adjustments to unit behaviours and abilities, and a smattering of welcome bug fixes. However, Milestone Murat also adds in mod support for Warno via the Steam Workshop, well ahead of schedule.

The surprise launch of mod support for Warno means modders can get straight to work creating custom battlegroups, units, equipment, and game settings – the tools are powerful enough to allow you to change AI behaviour or even the way damage is calculated.

Fortunately, developer Eugen Systems has also provided a handy modding manual, which can be found in the ‘mods’ subfolder in your Warno install directory. The manual includes a step-by-step guide that will take you all the way through the process of creating a mod, and there’s even a tool that will help find and address conflicts that arise when Warno is updated to a new version.

Additionally, Milestone Murat adds the West German 2. Panzergrenadier division and the East German 4. Mot.Schützen-Division to the NATO and Warsaw Pact sides, respectively. There are some new sound effects for menus and sector captures, and the BTR-60 placeholder has been replaced with a nice new model.

The full patch notes are available on Steam and list all the changes included in Milestone Murat.