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Radiation warning: Wasteland 2 launches - and it’s great

Wasteland 2 launch

Twenty-five years since the launch of the original and a few delays since it hit Early Access, Wasteland 2 has finally arrived, and you can start playing the final version today – complete with angry goats, angry toads, angry robots and regular radiation. 

You will probably notice the absence of a review today, unfortunately. I got my hands on the final version pretty recently, so I’m not quite ready to slap a number on it and offer up a review of this post-apocalyptic tactical RPG.

I’ve clocked many hours into it already, though, and I’ll be forgoing sleep and other unnecessary things this weekend in an effort to get the review up on Monday. But I can tell you this: it’s great.

The tone is distinct from Fallout, yet it still feels like a proper Fallout 3 – the one that was hoped for before Bethesda got the license and turned it into something different, but still good.

And having a party of rangers instead of a single tabula rasa makes a lot of difference. There’s no need to make a jack of all trades and few moments where progress is halted just because one skill was picked over another. Yet there are so many skills that decisions made when levelling up the rangers still have weight.

Check back on Monday for my full review.