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Wasteland 2 patch stops monks surviving their own suicide bombs

wasteland 2 patch suicide monk inxile

It must be embarrassing to survive your own suicide bomb. I mean, the one person it’s specifically meant to kill is the bomber, anyone else is an unfortunate bystander outside the definition of the device.

Well, Wasteland 2’s suicide monks had, on occasion, had just such an embarrassment. Before the latest patch the monks would explode after a critical hit but not taking any damage. This would “result in the enemy exploding in a giant explosion but still being alive.”

There’s much, much more that’s been fixed in the patch. Heck, the notes run to more than 4,300 words long.

The most significant change you’ll notice are the memory optimisations. They should improve performance on lower-spec systems and 32-bit operating systems.

There’s also been “extensive improvements and fixes to California questlines, particularly in Hollywood and Griffith Park.” You’ll need to load a save before Hollywood to see the full effect of the changes, though. These changes are likely a result of Inxile holding back the California section of the game from Early Access. Wasteland’s opening section was used as a testbed for the game’s systems but it also saw the quest’s ironed out and improved based on player feedback, the second section didn’t have that same level of inspection.

The rest of the changes are quite granular, things like support for “very large text” and loading screen messages.

Fraser was a big fan of Wasteland 2 when it was originally released, all these changes can only make the game better.

If you’d like to read the full patch notes I’ve copied them into the next page.

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