Wasteland 3 is getting two expansions overall

Plenty of new music is coming to the post-apocalypse

We got our first tease for Wasteland 3‘s upcoming expansion The Battle of Steeltown this week. One of the lead developers says this is one of two DLC packs coming to the RPG game, and commented on the ways the world will be fleshed out.

Brian Fargo, the founder of inXile Entertainment, and director of every Wasteland game, took to Twitter to divulge the info as the Steeltown trailer made the rounds. “There will two expansions in total for Wasteland 3, and we add content into Ranger HQ and provide extra audio throughout the main game to increase reactivity,” He posted. “Plus, we added quite a few more songs for the game.”

One of the selling points of The Battle of Steeltown is that it’s something of a jumping on point for new players. New combat mechanics, like non-lethal wapons, and more status effects, are intertwined throughout not just the fresh segments of gameplay, but the entire horror game‘s world. All of which is going to be tied together with new music, going by Fargo’s comments.

You can watch the age-restricted Battle of Steeltown trailer here.

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