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Free Watch Dogs 2 update is out today, adding more PvP options and paintball guns

Watch Dogs 2

Playing Watch Dogs 2 non-lethally just feels right, doesn’t it? Marcus and his merry band of hacktivists just don’t look right when they’re gunning down police with automatic weapons. That’s why Ubisoft’s latest free update for the game seems interesting, what with it adding a paintball gun. There’s also some other bits, but those other bits have nothing to do with firing paint pellets at police officers, so…

We had a look at Watch Dogs 2’s new paid DLC, as well as the free update, at that link. 

Of the new features, Showd0wn – with an ‘0’ because Hackerman – adds 2v2 PvP matches that can be played with a pal or a stranger. There are three objective types: Steal the HDD, Doom-load (KotH), and Erase/Protect the Servers.

Elsewhere, there are now online races in drones, motorbikes, eKarts, and more. These even have their own leaderboards.

If you’re looking for some offline action, Loot Trucks will now show up in the world. You need to hack into them, then fight off the waves of police who show up to protect them. To be honest, you might need more than a paintball gun for this one.

There are also a bunch of new clothing options and a host of gameplay tweaks. Here’s the changelog:


  • Explosive damage – We’ve improved the effectiveness of explosives for online play. With this update, damage to the opponent is determined by their proximity to the explosion. Standing on top of the IED will end in immediate and embarrassing death, but you’ll suffer less damage if you’re further out when the blast goes off. Check yourselves before you wreck yourselves.
  • Leaderboards – Multiple minor improvements to the leaderboard system

Bug Fixes

  • “Bio Hacking” blocker – Fixed an issue that was preventing some players from completing this mission.
  • Duplicate operations – Fixed a bug that was sometimes causing duplicate operation entries in the DedSec App.
  • Key Data – We’ve updated some Key Data units with proper definitions and descriptions on the map.
  • Lots of other minor bug fixes and improvements we don’t want to bore you with.


  • Fixed an issue when the game couldn’t be started in Steam after the download with “Launch the game as soon as it`s ready” option turned on.
  • Fixed an issue when the San Francisco Fog was displaying incorrectly during rain.
  • Fixed an issue when the game launched on laptops with integrated GPU, instead of dedicated.
  • Lots of fixes to various minor issues with flickering, reflections, missing textures, windowed modes behavior, UI, text, online game modes, other stuff, yada yada.