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Watch us play three new missions from Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 Dedsec hack gang

Earlier this week I got to go hands-on with some of Watch Dogs 2’s campaign and side missions, and you can see the results of that right here, right now. Want to see Marcus give up hacking in exchange for being San Francisco’s worst taxi driver? Just step this way. 

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First up I play two missions from the Haum Sweet Haum section of the campaign, which sees Marcus and Dedsec go to war with a smart home gadgets company. In the first assignment Marcus needs to steal a van from their warehouse, and you can see me attempt the theft in two different ways. My first try involves the hallowed ‘all guns blazing’ method, which absolutely doesn’t go to plan. For a more successful follow-up, I opt for the use of Watch Dogs 2’s handy drone gadget, which helps me get in nice and quietly.

For the second mission, Marcus is tasked with breaking into a house fitted out with Haum tech. That means laser fence security and butler droids that call 911 when hackers like me bust in to fry the mainframe. See how I get on in the video above.

Finally I try one of Watch Dogs 2’s Driver SF missions, which are accessed from an app on your smartphone. Driver SF is the game’s version of Uber, and tasks you with taxi missions for various larger-than-life characters. My job this time was to ferry a YouTuber around downtown San Fran in the most daredevil way possible. I’d hate to see the car insurance bill for this one.

The game is looking like one of Ubisoft’s best sequels in years. If you’re interested in reading more, check out my hands-on preview of Watch Dogs 2.