Watch Dogs 2 “Human Conditions” DLC due to release on PC on March 23 | PCGamesN

Watch Dogs 2 “Human Conditions” DLC due to release on PC on March 23

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Get your super-smartphone ready for some more hacking action come March 23, when Watch Dogs 2 gets its latest Human Conditions DLC for the PC. It’s the second add-on for the game, and delivers a rather healthy extra five hours of new content.

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It’s not like Watch Dogs 2 is a small game by any stretch of the imagination, but if you’ve already blown 100 hours or so completing each and every objective and mission, the new DLC adds a few extra goodies. There are three new multi-mission Operations which supplement the main story, apparently focusing on “ Marcus Holloway and his DedSec crew new villains to hunt”. 

One such villain is the Jammer, who can disable your super-hacking-powers within a certain radius. We’re always up for a good man-hunt, and apparently the DLC also features new areas as well as new gameplay challenges. There’s even slick new in-game cut-scenes, showing Ubisoft has gone the extra mile than just adding a few new icons to the sprawling in-game map to find collectibles.  

For a closer look at the DLC, check out Ubiblog’s YouTube video preview above, or hit the official DLC page. It's a bit of a bummer that PC gamers have to wait an extra month than PS4 gamers, but hopefully the wait will be worth it. 


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