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Watch Dogs 2 returns to hack San Francisco on November 15

Watch Dogs 2 reveal

Watch Dogs 2 will resume hacking everything in sight this November 15 when the series returns, this time in sunny San Francisco.

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As revealed on the World Premiere stream that ended seconds ago, you'll take the persona of Marcus Holloway, rather than reprising Aiden Pearce's role, as you become a part of the hacktivist group DedSec.

On top of the new setting and protagonist, Ubisoft spoke of improving all aspects of the game from the parkour to the hacking, with vehicles now fully controlled by hackers rather than simply shutting down or raising a forklift's forks.

The presentation also made constant references to drones which now exist all over the place and can be used to survey an area from above, hack into far away objects or even lift items.

See the cinematic reveal trailer below for some more hints at what will be in the game when it releases at the end of this year.

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Marcus was emphasised as having his own distinct character from the comparable void of Aiden Pearce, and even has his own iconic headgear to boot.

He apparently grew up through the injustices of CtOS 2.0 and now wants to shut it down as part of his hacktivist activities.

Here he is starring in his own music video which he probably uploaded to Tumblr or in several Vine instalments, you know how these kids are.

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Ubisoft made claims that the seamless online interactions will return in the sequel, however instead of merely being invaded you will now be able to spot other players within your open world at random and begin co-op play with them.

The mechanic will position both players as members of DedSec, which plays a bigger role in this game than the last as a hacktivist group of friends attempting to take down corrupt corporations.

Watch Dogs 2 reveal

There will also be several other underground groups vying for control of certain areas, as well as corporations themselves exerting influence on the general population.

Watch Dogs 2 will be available in several collector's editions, including the Deluxe Edition (exclusive sleeve, map of San Francisco, lithographs, in-game outfits), the Gold Edition (in-game outfits, season pass), the San Francisco Edition (in-game outfits, Zodiac Killer mission, Marcus figurine, laptop stickers, lithographs and map of San Francisco), the Return of DedSec Edition (all of the above, plus Marcus' ICONIC hat and scarf and a 64-page artbook) and the Wrench Junior Robot Collector's Pack (includes some sort of robot which can be remote controlled from your smartphone and says things).

Watch Dogs 2 reveal

Watch Dogs 2 reveal

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NathSB avatar0V3RKILL avatarRock1m1 avatarQDP2 avatarcūka avatarJohnMiles avatar
Rock1m1 Avatar
1 Year ago

OMG...when I saw the trailer, I was wishing it would end. I hate this 'hip', 'look how bad and cool we are', trailers.

NathSB Avatar
NathSB(8 hours played)
1 Year ago

That trailer is trying very hard to be "cool."

Still, the setting's nice, and I'm probably going to buy it for the co-op alone.

0V3RKILL Avatar
1 Year ago

I aint falling for this ever again.

QDP2 Avatar
1 Year ago

I'm probably being stupid right now, actually feeling optimistic over these trailers. I know WDogs 1 was an utter disgrace to nerf the graphics so hard, and then even remove files supporting improved graphics for PC later when found by modders (They still have a LOT to answer for about that game), but at the same time I doubt they want the franchise to fall into this trope a second time. They wouldn't have bothered in making WD2 if they didn't believe it would be successful enough. I am hoping they bring justice to the series and add a load more freedom and control to the title. Graphics, city and design truly look amazing, and ignoring all the graphics problems I did enjoy the game itself (albeit a bland character, the gameplay and story was still entertaining enough to play through IMO).

Someone should probably snap me out of this delusion, I've become a sucker for adverts made by Ubisoft, end up playing through all there games, Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs, Far Cry, hell Tom Clancy Wildlands looks awesome right now. Ubisoft have become a parasite stuck to me, leaching money away for the endless hallucinations of a new trailer, more epic possibilities that won't quite live to expectations. But I can dream right?

cūka Avatar
1 Year ago

have no word to describe how bad all this looks :(

JohnMiles Avatar
1 Year ago

I didn't buy the first one and won't buy this one.