New multiplayer modes now, four player co-op later – it’s Watch Dogs 2’s content schedule

Watch Dogs 2

Ubisoft have just announced the free content and DLC updates we can expect this coming spring, kicking off with new multiplayer modes and culminating in four player co-op.

Our non-lethal playthrough of Watch Dogs 2 would’ve been easier with some of these new toys.

First up is Showdown, a multiplayer update coming to all platforms in a free update on April 17. Targeted at experienced players, it adds three game modes for competitive matches: Steal the HDD, Doomload (which is like King of the Hill), and Erase/Protect the Servers, a twist on classic domination matches. Ubisoft say these modes will flow seamlessly from one to the next for one large, varied match, testing all your driving, hacking, shooting and puzzle-solving skills.

Also coming free in April are multiplayer motocross, eKart and drone races, plus an armoured truck, paintball gun and 13 new clothing items.

Showdown was originally bundled with No Compromise, a DLC pack that’s due on PC on May 18. It will add a set of story missions that’ll see you take on the Russian mob, plus clothing sets for the emergency services and two new non-lethal weapons. Outside the DLC, May’s free content update will add a few gameplay tweaks and minor new features.

Finally, June will see a third free update that’ll add “support for a four-player party to explore the city and play activities together”, which is exciting.

Check out the announcement in full, over on the Ubisoft blog.

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