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A new Watch Dogs trademark filing has fans thinking next-gen

A next-gen console release would probably push Watch Dogs 3's release date to at least 2020.

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Ubisoft has filed for a new trademark for its Watch Dogs franchise, and the particular way the company has submitted the application has sparked speculation that Watch Dogs 3 is in development for next-generation consoles.

As ComicBook.com reports, a YouTuber called SkullziTV discovered the recent Watch Dogs trademark filing during a livestream with viewers. He notes that this is a brand new application, and isn’t connected to the Watch Dogs trademarks Ubisoft already owns.

SkullziTV believes the reason for this new application is because Ubisoft plans to release Watch Dogs 3 on consoles that Sony and/or Microsoft haven’t yet announced. That would likely mean that the earliest we could expect the game to launch would be 2020.

It’s not news that Ubisoft is making a third game in the Watch Dogs series. Last year, a series of cryptic clues effectively confirmed the theory that Watch Dogs 3 is in active development – one let players ‘hack’ the Uplay client, and another came from the voice of Sam, Ubisoft’s mobile digital assistant, who for a while would tell anyone who asked that “Watch Dogs 3 is not finished yet” and that he had played a recent build.

Ubisoft hasn’t officially broken silence on Watch Dogs 3, but that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating about its story, setting, and protagonist.

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The popular fan theory at the moment is that Watch Dogs 3 will be set in London, based mainly on a new ending added to the game post-launch. Another rumor suggests that it will star a young woman named Sarah, but the source of this rumor is of dubious provenance – it’s an image of an anonymous forum post that provides no sources for the information shared.

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In our Watch Dogs 2 review, Dave Meikleham praised the sequel as a welcome course correction after the depressing tone of the original game, and called it a “brazenly silly, frequently fun open world.” If you missed Watch Dogs 2 when it came out, it’s currently on sale for 80% off for the Ubisoft Lunar New Year sale.