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Watch Dogs gets chummy with Nvidia in a new tech trailer

Watch Dogs Nvidia trailer

Watch Dogs is now out; here's our Watch Dogs review.

Watch Dogs looks rather easy on the eyes, doesn’t it? In the latest trailer for the open world action hacking game, lead PC engineer Paul Glassi goes over the special graphical features the game’s partnership with Nvidia has provided. 

“During the last years of development, we have worked closely with Nvidia in order to create the most vivid and breathtaking Chicago possible for the PC version of Watch Dogs,” says Glassi.

The trailer goes over the benefits of Nvidia’s HBAO+, creating richer and more realistic shadows, and TXAA, reducing the temporal aliasing, where objects like fences or grass flicker when the screen is moving.  

The Windy City certainly looks striking. 

These good looks come at a cost, though. The recommended specs are pretty high, requiring an i7 processor, a 2GB graphics card and 8GB of RAM.

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xNuke avatarBelimawr avatarUntoldAv3nGer avatar
xNuke Avatar
4 Years ago

It does look pleasing. I'll give them that.

Can't wait for the game to be finally out!

Belimawr Avatar
4 Years ago

realistically tho other than the rain drops rippling is it really that far ahead of infamous on the PS4?

I hate to talk down a PC game, but watch dogs from that video looks like they spent too much time trying to get the ripples on the rain and not the amount of time they should have on the actual effects on the world.

so really for the requirements they are claiming on the PC I would honestly say the graphics aren't that impressive as the only noticeable thing is the ripples from rain drops in the puddles while all the buildings sides and walls look as dry as a sunny day.

UntoldAv3nGer Avatar
4 Years ago

I still don't believe an i7 is recommended. I would think a lower i5 should be the recommended processor.