Watch Dogs has sold more in its first week than any other new videogame series, say Ubisoft

Aiden had a new phone that was unlike any he had owned before.

Watch Dogs is now out; here’s our Watch Dogs review.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag featured a metanarrative we’re still trying to get over, in which Ubisoft allied themselves in the game’s fiction with villainous corp Abstergo. That’s canon.

So the eventual answer to this new series’ central question should come as no surprise. Who watches the watch dogs? Ubisoft’s shareholders, of course. And they’re chuffed by what they’ve seen. Watch Dogs has sold more copies in its first week than any other Ubisoft game ever.

Ubisoft announced overnight that Watch Dogs has sold through more than four million copies – which is the percentage of copies actually sold to real people, rather than left sat in shops.

Ubisoft believe that’s down to Watch Dogs’ 100% concentration of new-gen experiences. Not for them the diluted new-gen squash or paper-thin new-gen leaf offered by rival brands.

“The results we achieved in the first week of launch are amazing and prove Ubisoft’s commitment to developing new blockbuster IP and thoroughly new-gen experiences,” said UK sales director Darren Bowen.

Watch Dogs broke company records for first-day sales last week, and Ubisoft say it’s had the strongest launch of any new videogame series. Er, ever. That’s based on NPD and GFK data and internal estimates as of yesterday.

Over a million players have downloaded Watch Dogs’ ctOS mobile app, too – which suggests Ubisoft have finally cracked the second-screen stuff certain publishers have become obsessed with over the last couple of years.

Have you bought into Ubi’s latest playground of distractions yet? Our Fraser’s still cracking on with a review, but he judged Watch Dogs’ PC version to be pretty solid.