When does Watch Dogs Legion multiplayer come out? Online co-op release date and details

When can you play Watch Dogs Legion online with friends?


Looking for the Watch Dogs Legion multiplayer release date? If you’re keen to jump into Ubisoft’s open-world game with pals, the co-op feature isn’t currently available in Watch Dogs Legion, but it is coming.

The free updates features new missions and dynamic events designed for co-op play. You’ll be able to play alongside three other friends online, making up a squad of up to four players to take on the sprawling London streets and Tactical Ops special missions, which are dedicated multiplayer missions to test your team’s communication skills.

For those that don’t want to work together to take down the villains of Watch Dogs Legion, there’s also a PvP mode coming called Spiderbot Arena, where up to eight opponents control armed spiderbots in a free-for-all deathmatch. Although this is the first PvP mode, the return of cat and mouse game, Invasion, is also planned for a future update.

Watch Dogs Legion multiplayer release date

The Watch Dogs Legion multiplayer release date is March 9, 2021. The online mode was originally due to release on December 3, however Ubisoft delayed the rollout while it worked on addressing major single-player issues.

You can check out what we thought of the online mode in our Watch Dogs Legion multiplayer preview. Although it was pretty buggy when we played it a month ago, both Jen and Dave describe the chaotic fun of the upcoming mode, “We do make it through the entire co-op playlist, eventually, and the way Ubisoft has adapted Legion’s puzzles and gameplay to suit multiplayer is impressive when it works.”

Excited for the Watch Dogs Legion multiplayer release date? Become acquainted with London before the beginning of March, with our Watch Dogs Legion beginner’s guide.

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