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Watch Dogs Legion is coming to Steam in January

Ubisoft's 'army of everyone' hacking open-world game Watch Dogs Legion finally arrives on Steam next month, hot on the heels of Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Watch Dogs Legion Steam release date: A hooded figure in a gas mask sprays blue paint into the eyes of an enemy wearing a high-collared coat

Now that Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has arrived on Steam, the question is, which Ubisoft game will make the jump next? We didn’t have to wait for the answer long, because here it is: hacking-based open-world game Watch Dogs Legion is coming to Steam next month, arriving on Valve’s storefront January 26.

Watch Dogs Legion initially launched the month before Valhalla did, but never saw the same level of success – nor the robust post-launch content schedule Ubisoft maintained through Valhalla’s lifecycle. That’s not to say Legion didn’t get some updates: an online mode arrived earlier this year that added a new string of co-op missions and four-player tactical ops,’ and there’s a zombie-themed Legion of the Dead mode that turns it into an entirely different game.

Watch Dogs Legion is a pretty bold experiment for Ubisoft’s tentpole series in that it skips having a specific named protagonist altogether. Instead, you’re any random person in London, setting out to recruit new operatives to the DedSec cause – and you can hop into the shoes of any one of these new recruits once you’ve brought them on board.

All that said, Watch Dogs Legion saw its final update in September of 2021, so there won’t be anything new arriving after its Steam launch.

If you’ve recently installed one of the best graphics cards, Legion is a nice workout – you can flip on all kinds of ray-traced lighting effects to see just how far you can push your GPU, if you’re so inclined.

Watch Dogs Legion doesn’t have a price listed on Steam yet, but Assassin’s Creed Valhalla arrived with a month-long 67% discount, putting it at $19.80 / £16.50 – so you’re likely to see a similar deal on Legion when it arrives.