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Watch Dogs release date announced. Here’s a new trailer filled with cars and noise


Watch Dogs is now out; here’s our Watch Dogs review.

Ubisoft’s moody open city hacker Watch Dogs has a release date now. It had a release date yesterday too, technically speaking, but now it has a release date that Ubisoft are willing to tell us, which is significant. Watch Dogs will release on November 22. That’s a release date shared by both the console version and the PC version, you’ll be relieved to hear. There’s a trailer!

Watch Dogs is easily Ubisoft’s most enticing upcoming project, a third person, near-future man-shooter that allows you to hack into nearby smartphones, tablets, traffic lights, CCTV cameras and other ubiquitous tech to turn the city against your enemies. The latest trailer doesn’t touch on the more intelligent aspects of these interconnected and open-ended game systems, instead it opts to focus on the bang bang car whoosh kabloom bits. They also look pretty good, to be fair.

Also revealed by Ubisoft today are the inevitable fifteen thousand unique special collector’s editions of the game, each offering varying degrees of prizes, statuettes, in-game weapons and other bonus gifts. It’s all rather confusing to navigate for the average consumer, with some editions only available if you pledge allegiance to one retailer over another. Why, why, why. There are probably several reasons, though I doubt any of them are because Ubisoft really want you to own a six inch figurine of the the man from the game.

Harrumph. Not that it matters, Watch Dogs looks great. Onwards.