Watch this: Microsoft’s Surface Pro 2 tablet modded into a handheld PC

Black Ops 2

A Surface Pro 2, two Xbox 360 controllers, a portable hard drive, and (possibly) a saw. Those are the elements combined to bring you this lengthy, very unofficial demonstration of Microsoft’s actually-rather-capable new tablet.

The two modders’ roughly-translated report of their work details a fair amount of welding and riveting, but not so much fiddling with the hardware – Microsoft’s latest iteration of their Surface model proves to be a more-than-adequate handheld PC in waiting. All they need to do is make the thing, using their own controllers. In action, it makes an almost painful amount of sense:

The modded machine’s creators begin by getting stuck into terrible-looking fighting games, but by the 11 minute mark have delved into more credible PC fare, starting with a smooth-as-unrefrigerated-butter Black Ops II’s Zombies mode.

We eventually move on to Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (34:45), whose Patrick Stewart makes good use of the tablet’s grumbly bass provision. And what better than Gears [38:00] to test the Surface Pro’s compatibility with the last generation’s coffee-stain-filter shooters?

You’ll want to stick around for Left 4 Dead 2, though, at 43:00. The promise of witch hunting/waiving from bed at a really-very-decent framerate is just to die for.

Our Tim has one of these, minus the chunky plastic wings, and loves it to bits. The battery life’s reportedly not so bad, either. Are you at all tempted?