Fight the power and view Watch Dogs 2’s launch trailer in Incognito Mode

Watch Dogs 2 launch trailer

Watch Dogs 2 is prepping for its imminent console launch on November 15. While us PC folk will have to wait a little while longer, we can still jump on that (probably hack-able) hype train by watching the launch trailer embedded above. 

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The trailer talks us through protagonist Marcus Holloway’s motivations and gives us a glimpse of the action that follows, once he decides to take the fight to the establishment.

Holloway has been wrongly accused of being part of a robbery, you see, because a server somewhere has marked him as a probable suspect, based on his buying habits, search history, ethnicity and more.

As you would be, he’s a bit miffed. Unfortunately for The Man, Watch Dogs 2’s hackers fight back with more that DDoS attacks. In the trailer we see him zooming around San Francisco, leaping walls and firing a fully-automatic assault rifle. Let’s hope Anonymous don’t play this, eh?

Saying that, it’s actually canon for Holloway to not kill, which is why you don’t actually see him do so in the trailer. I even tried to stick to this code of honour in my recent Watch Dogs 2 preview – click that link to see how it went.

Watch Dogs 2 is out on PC on November 29. Here are the recommended specs.