Watch Dogs 2 open world gameplay trailer shows hacking has come a long way

Watch Dogs 2 interview

Watch Dogs 2 gets more exciting the more we see. This new trailer gives us a good look at the open world and how it’s inserted into the story to create missions for the player on-the-fly. 

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This new trailer begins, as many Ubisoft things do, with a tower. You don’t have to climb this one, though, you just speed your quadrocopter drone to the top and hack it open.

The impressive stuff comes a bit later, after we see our new hero, Marcus Holloway, nip to the shops and narrowly avoiding buying some crocs. Close call, man.

It’s the hacking that catches the imagination, as Watch Dogs 2 looks to expand on its predecessor in almost every way, perhaps living up to the level of freedom we all expected hacking would provide in the first game.

Not only can you get through Watch Dogs 2 without killing anyone, but you can hack cars and remote control them, telling them to accelerate, reverse and even turn. This can also be used on maintenance elevators, which you can jump atop of and have it ferry you to a nearby rooftop before making it send you skywards. Just think of how much this could potentially open up missions for approaches that feel unique to you.

Every hack in the game has multiple functions, we’re shown. In a seamless co-op mission towards the end of the demo, things go bad in a gang hideout. Marcus taps into a gang member’s phone and sends a message to a rival gang to tell them he’s a snitch. The co-op players escape in the ensuing chaos.

It looks damn good, and that’s without mentioning how much fun Bounty Mode looks. Watch the new trailer below to see all that good stuff:

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