Here’s when Watch Dogs 2 unlocks on PC tonight

Watch Dogs 2

Two weeks after our associates on console got to wreak havoc in San Francisco, Ubisoft’s open world hacking adventure Watch Dogs 2 is almost upon us on PC. 

Ah, but what’s changed since the underwhelming original? Here’s everything we know about Watch Dogs 2.

If you simply must make a mess of the bay area at your earliest opportunity, here’s when Watch Dogs 2 unlocks, region-by-region. These times correspond to this evening, Monday 28 November, or the small hours of tomorrow morning:

  • USA: 9pm Pacific, 12am Eastern
  • Brazil: 3am BRST
  • UK: 11pm GMT
  • Europe: 12am CET
  • Russia: 2am MSK
  • Australia: 9am AEST

Japanese readers will have to wait a little longer; the game unlocks on November 30, but we’ve been unable to get a precise time.

If you’d like to check your unlock time yourself, head over toSteamand look where it says “this game will unlock in approximately” a given number of hours. When it says ‘approximately’, it’s always rounding down from the top of the hour; the estimate will be the same regardless of whether it’s 8.01pm, 8.30pm or 9pm. If it says you’ve got two hours to go, say, in all three cases, 11pm is the unlock time.