Now you can hack your buddies in Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs

Only a truly awful person would hack a mate. But Watch Dogs protagonist Aiden Pearce is a terrible person. Gone are the days where you can only pester complete strangers and faceless players. Now you can take your brand of vigilante justice to your friends’ games.

This comes as part of the latest game update, which lets you select your friends as targets when jumping into the online tailing or hacking missions.

Ubisoft is also tackling naughty players.

Players who frequently disconnect while playing online will be pooled together. It’s a shame if your only crime is having a shitty internet connection, but it’s not much fun for the folk playing with you if you don’t stick around.

It’s a solution quite a few games have started to employ, like Titanfall.

Are any of you still playing Watch Dogs?

Cheers, Eurogamer.