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This 1TB WD NVMe SSD is now almost 50% off

With this discount this might be the best value NVMe SSD at the moment

Western Digital Black SN750 1TB SSD no heatsink

Western Digital (WD) produces some of the best SSDs for gaming but often, unfortunately, slips just behind Samsung in the NVMe SSD race. This isn't the case with the WD Black SN750 NVMe SSD, though – back when we reviewed this drive we concluded that it's a fantastic NVMe SSD that manages to rival Samsung's latest drives. Now, this Samsung-rivalling SSD has a hefty discount.

A while ago we reported that the 2TB WD Black SN750 – a sturdy, reliable, and speedy NVMe SSD – was almost a third off on Amazon. Well, today we're talking about the 1TB version and this one's almost 50% off on Amazon's US site (and still quite heavily discounted on Amazon's UK site, too). You can pick one up on Amazon US for $134.99, 46% ($115) cheaper than its original retail price, and on Amazon UK for £155.48, which is 19% (£35.51) cheaper than its retail price.

The 1TB and 2TB versions don't share the same specs, but they're close enough to share the same overall pros of sturdiness, reliability, and speed. When it comes to speed, this is one thing the 1TB version does better than the 2TB one. Where the former has sequential read and write speeds of 3,430MB/s and 3,000MB/s respectively, the latter only offers 3,400MB/s and 3,900MB/s speeds.

Where the 2TB model surpasses the 1TB one is with its endurance – doubling it, as is to be expected on a drive with double the capacity. The 1TB SN750 has 600TBW of endurance, meaning it’ll last for at least 600 complete drive wipes and rewrites.

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This giant discount puts the SN750 at a price point that is seriously competitive with the absolute best SSDs on the market at the moment, and for this you’re getting an SSD that’s incredibly reliable and durable, and rather minimalistically stylish, too. This model does lack the high-end heatsink available on some models that allows for slightly faster read and write speeds, but the difference should be negligible for most use cases.

At this price the 1TB SN750 is a bargain, and, if you’re upgrading from a SATA SSD or legacy HDD, should net you significant improvements in file transfer speeds, game and map load times, and (to a lesser extent if you’re upgrading from a SATA SSD) Windows boot times and general desktop responsiveness. A solid choice, if you ask me.