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Grab a super speedy Western Digital gaming SSD for under $40

Looking to speed up your gaming PC storage and put system requirement worries to rest? You can now do both by grabbing 50% off a speedy Western Digital SSD.

Hand holding WD Black SN770 SSD

Swapping out your ageing storage with the best SSD for gaming isn’t cheap, but you can now grab a super speedy 500GB Western Digital drive for under $40. While it isn’t going to hold your entire Steam library, it’s a winning solution for anyone looking to give their gaming PC a performance boost and meet system requirements for the latest games.

Over on Amazon, you can now grab $40 off the WD Black SN770 NVMe SSD, thanks to a swish 50% discount. That brings its price down to just $39.99, which we reckon is a bargain for a PCIe 4 drive of this calibre. You’re going to need a motherboard with M.2 support, but the upgrade will ramp your PC’s storage read speeds to 5000MBps, while you’ll be able to write 4000MBps.

Ultimately, you’ll find both Windows 11 and your games of choice load faster using the SN770, and its only real shortcoming is capacity. We’d argue 500GB is plenty if you use it as a boot drive and a place to store a select few of the best PC games in 2023, but if you really need more room, the larger 1TB option is also 48% cheaper right now.

WD Black 500GB SSD on white backdrop

Whether you opt for the 500GB model or the 1TB drive for $69.99, both will help you play the latest games as intended. If you’ve already checked out Dead Space remake system requirements, you’ll know that Motive recommends using an SSD, while demanding Forspoken PC specs include a similar recommendation for Square Enix’s best RPG game contender.

Even if you’re not planning on picking up either of the above, making the switch to solid state will futureproof your rig. However, if you’re rocking an older PCIe 3 drive, we’d still suggest checking out this deal, as it’s a small price to pay when you consider the performance benefits of PCIe 4.

If you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you’ll be able to snag the WD Black SN770 using next-day delivery, and signing up for a 30-day trial means you won’t have to pay extra. We’d suggest grabbing the drive sooner than later, as the deal will only stick around while stocks last, and it could go back up in price before that.