Western Digital’s 1TB NVMe SSD is half price over on Amazon

Western Digital's 1TB WD Black SN750 SSD has $130 off over on Amazon, thanks to a 52% discount

WD Black SN750 SSD with blue and black backdrop

The best SSD can make all the difference when it comes to PC gaming, and high capacity PCIe drives are more affordable than ever. Sure, getting a hold of the best graphics card possible is a priority for most enthusiasts, but since stock from Nvidia and AMD is scarce, it’s wise to focus on the parts you can upgrade. So, if you still have a rickety old hard drive whittling away in your rig, you might want to consider a switcheroo, as Western Digital’s 1TB NVMe SSD is currently half price.

The WD Black SN750 is a fantastic investment that could give your old PC or gaming laptop a new lease of life. Featuring respective read and write speeds up to 3,430Mbps and 3,000Mbps, this sappy solid-state drive should help Windows boot faster and save you from staring at loading screens when playing your favourite games.

Over on Amazon US, you can grab 52% off a WD Black SN750 1TB SSD, shaving its price down from $249.99 to $119.99. If you reside in the UK, you can also snap up a similar SSD deal, as it’s currently got 21% off at £85.79.

If your rig is already rocking a super speedy SSD, you could also transform the drive into external storage using an NVMe enclosure. Alternatively, you could potentially gift your gaming laptop a second storage device, as many portable powerhouses can accommodate two drives.

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At its current price point, stocks of Western Digital’s 1TB SSD likely won’t last, so you’ll want to jump on this deal while it’s still available. You might want to consider also signing up for Amazon Prime, as you could snag super speedy next day delivery using the service.