We Are The Dwarves to launch Feb 26, dwarven viking astronauts rejoice


We Are The Dwarves is an action-RPG that’s resonant of The Lost Vikings in that it’s about a trio of gloriously moustachioed dudes with similarly immaculate beards, individualised skillsets, who adore fighting. Ukrainian developers Whale Rock Games announced today it’s out at the end of February. 

Foreign planets are the setting for many a game these days, not least some of our best space games on PC.

The tumultuous trio – Forcer, Smashfist and Shadow – are the lone survivors of a drilling expedition gone awry which has brought them to an uncharted part of the Stone Universe. As the trailer below suggests, the natives ain’t too pleased to see them and so begins their “tactical exploration and combat adventure” as they strive to finish their mission. Here’s a look at the lads in action:

Depending on how you roll, you can either take control of just one character, or manage all three at once – each with his own skill tree. Pausing mid-battle lets you set up command sequences and enemies will react to your presence – be that via your movements, the noises you make, or even the smell you let off. No beans for lunch, then.

Although the trailer mostly depicts murderous action, the game lets you “think through stealth tactics and use [the] environment wisely” which is a prospect that intrigues me more than simply ploughing through level after level of faceless enemies.

We Are The Dwarves is due for release on February 26.