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We Happy Few gets more than a few dollars on KIckstarter, tempts us with a “drug paradise”

A citizen notices your behavior doesn't fit.

1960’s dystopian survival sandbox sim We Happy Few has achieved its KIckstarter goal with four days to spare, clearing its 250,000 CAD goal by a comfortable margin. Compulsion Games celebrated the milestone in a press release today, and gently reminded fans that there are still a few stretch goals that might interest them…

I had some issues with We Happy Few when I saw it at PAX East, but it was definitely one of the most striking and evocative games I saw there, and it’s not one I’ll forget anytime soon. It’s creepy vision of a hellish, drugged-out 1960s England felt like The Prisoner after spending too much time around A Clockwork Orange.

And apparently, that resonated with quite a few potential backers as well.

Next up on the development wishlist? The temptingly-titled “Drug Paradise”.

According the Kickstarter: “We’ll create additional, craftable drugs derived from Joy that enhance certain traits (ie – hearing, seeing, stamina), and expand the direct visual and audio feedback of being high, by changing elements of the world to better reflect your happy, euphoric state. We’ll also develop additional status effects for crashing, withdrawal and addiction.”

The role psychoactive substances play in this game, and the ways it will affect your perception in the game, is definitely one of We Happy Few’s more fascinating aspects. And from the way things are trending, it sounds like gamers will definitely get their drug paradise when We Happy Few comes out.