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We Happy Few makes blissful ignorance seem a bit horrifying

We Happy Few announcement trailer

We Happy Few is a game about drug-fuelled blissful ignorance, and a group of people who want to escape the paper-thin happiness that surrounds them. It’s got touches of Pleasantville and 1984, with happy-go-lucky English folk dressed up like mimes, evocative of BioShock’s splicers. 

Take a gander at the disquieting announcement trailer. 

In a retro-future ‘60s England, everyone’s huffing a drug that keeps them content and happy, and that’s just great, unless you don’t want to live in a state of perpetual denial. That’s when the chipper drug addicts get angry. They don’t like people who don’t follow the rules.

Intriguing concept, lovely looking trailer – but Compulsion Games aren’t spilling any more bean right now. It will be at PAX East early next month, so we’ll be able to find out more there.