We have 500 codes for a wonderful weekend in Wildstar. Would you like one?

Wildstar giveaway

Update: All gone! That was fast. Have fun hoverboarding and shooting aliens this weekend.

Wildstar is the bravest MMO coming to market this Summer. Where the other online world venders like to let players try the produce before charging for the sauce, Carbine Studios cook their sausages in the back – forcing would-be players to endure the aroma or stump up for a monthly sausage subscription (which come to think of it, is too tasty an idea to be restricted to metaphor).

There’s a reason they think they can get away with this without a major sci-fi or fantasy license attached: Wildstar is ace. As our Steve detailed in his Wildstar hands-on, it’s an extraordinarily pretty MMO with a sideline in slapstick animation, that doesn’t waste your time or force your hand when it comes to playstyle.

Would you like to play it for a couple of days? Y’know – for free?

The keys will be valid for this weekend only – from 3pm GMT Friday, February 28 to 7:59am Monday, March 3.

We’ll be running things a little differently than we normally do. Rather than ask you to post in the comments below – though by all means do if you have something pressing to say about Wildstar or the state of online gaming – we want you to enter an email address into the box in this post.

The box is new, and we understand new can be scary. But the box won’t slice your address in half, nor forward it on to a thousand insurance companies – your information will be deleted after the giveaway. It’ll simply pick 500 addresses, and punt a Wildstar key in their direction.

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