We have 500 Firefall beta keys to give away!


I’m sure you’ve heard that the Firefall European servers are all Ok’d, TLC’d and OMFG’d ready for the December 7th beta weekend. We have managed to snag ourselves 500 beta keys to giveaway to you lovely folks so you can try out the game yourself. 

Read below to claim a key.

Although some of us have already had the pleasure of experiencing Firefall, it was sadly through the US servers. Now with the EU servers up and running we can expect smooth pings and stability for us European folks.
Want to try it yourself?
Just like our Facebook page and send us a private message asking for a Firefall key. Remember to turn on private messages so we can deliver the key. We will send them as soon as we can so check back regularly.
Here are the instructions to activate your key and download the client:
1. Go to http://www.firefallthegame.com/betaweekends/2. Click “I already have my redemption code”3. Create an account or log-in if one has already been created4. Redeem the beta weekend key5. Download/install the client6. Get ready to play Friday, Dec 7, 7:00PM PST/04:00 CET (Saturday)
There you’re all set. We will see you this weekend for some Firefall.

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