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We have reached peak Razer: the Firefly is a mousemat with flashing LEDs

Razer Firefly

If what you really wanted in life was a mousemat with customisable LED lighting, then Razer has got a solution for you. The Firefly is a fancy micro-textured mouse mat surrounded by a bezel containing a light array capable of 16.8 million colours. 

16.8 million colours. Flashing on your desk. Whilst you look at your screen. Trying to ignore the pulsating colours in your lower peripheral vision. Check out the HD trailer below. 

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If a light-up mouse mat with it’s own cinematic trailer hasn’t convinced you yet, let me reel off some of its other amazing points. Light needs power, and so you’ll be pleased to know the Razer Firefly comes with a gold-plated USB to plug into the back of your hopefully uncrowded PC. The mat also requires a set of drivers installed to control the colour settings, so your Firefly mouse mat has a minimum system requirement of 100mb of memory.

All of this can be yours for a mere £54.99 / $59.99. You can match the colours with your existing Razer products for ultimate uniformity, too, so absolutely worth every penny.