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We’ve five Steam copies of Talisman cluttering our digital desks: please take them off our hands

Talisman giveaway

We’re not really running out of room – our digital desks are infinite, or at least thirty open tabs away from a crash. And this version of Talisman is the by-all-accounts-very-decent digital port of the venerable board game, and hence is only as big as the space it takes up on your hard drive.

We really would like you to have a copy, though. One of five Steam keys can be yours – if only you’ll answer a silly question I thought up just now.

A talisman is a magical object – a ring, or a stone, or maybe a coin – that grants you good luck or some sort of power. The question is this: if you were to have a talisman, what would it do for you? And how would you disguise it, to keep your enemies from forcibly taking it from you?

Mine would be a softmint which gave me an extra hour to play Hearthstone in the middle of the day – and I’d disguise it by painting it pink and erecting a simple Somebody Else’s Problem field around it.

How about yours?