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“We want to make PC gaming as simple as possible”, say Nvidia


AMD have their tech in both of the new consoles, which I imagine is a bit like signing a contract ensuring your comfortable existence for the next decade. Nvidia have no such cushion – but they do get to play PC champions while their competitors remain understandably schtum.

Today, Nvidia are selling the idea of small form PCs as a like-for-like alternative to the Xbox One and PS4.

“Enthusiast players want the ultimate games system and that is the PC,” said consumer sales man Matt Wright.

“The PC platform is far superior to any console when it comes to gaming, plus you get all the extra functionality that a computer brings.”

Wright admitted that the same functionality also sees would-be PC gamers afraid to dip their toes into a ‘complex’ hardware market. But he told MCV that Nvidia is doing everything within its power to push them into the pool, metaphorically speaking.

“We want to make PC gaming as simple as possible and we think that it’s already becoming much more relevant and appealing to casual gamers,” he said.

“Steam now has more users than Xbox Live. There is a whole new generation who grew up playing on PC with titles like Minecraft or World of Tanks. There’s a huge community who love playing their games on PC.”

Yup, yup and yup. Did you know, Steam has over 65 million users these days? In February, Xbox Live had mustered a respectable (but, y’know, smaller)46 million.

Of course, PC gaming’s complexity is its perk, as well as its hindrance. Would you be open to smoothing away some of that in the name of approachability?