Assassin’s Creed Valhalla romance guide


The latest Assassin’s Creed game is full of attractive, tattooed Vikings striding around in their furs, so it’s only natural you’d want to do the digital dirty with them. Here are a few tips.


To romance Petra, you’ll need to unlock the Hunting Cabin and finish all her side quests. Then you’ll be able to go on an archery date with her. Speak to her again, and she’ll confess her feelings to you.


Gunlodr is an ice giantess, the daughter of the King of Jotunheim; you meet her while playing as Havi. Give her Thor’s bridal circlet, and the two of you will go lie down in some cosy hay together.


If you speak to Broder at the feast table at King Oswald’s wedding, he’ll make advances on you, talking about showing you his ‘plough-sword’. Excellent. You can call him the wrong name afterwards.


Sitting next to a waterfall in the Rygjafylke mountains is Bil; she’s promised an evening of her company to whoever finds her lost comb. After you retrieve it from the icy depths, you’ll go for a nice walk together.


You can initiate a romance with Randvi by doing the Taken for Granted mission, which appears after you’ve completed three pledge quests on the Alliance Map. 


You can find Stigr in Hemthorpe, Snotinghamscire. When you speak with him, he will challenge you to a flyting duel. If you win the contest you can share a night of passion - or just take his silver.


Once you’ve built a bakery in your settlement you can romance the baker, Tarben. He will ask you to go on a fishing trip with him, so make sure you also have a Fishing Hut. 


You can find Tewdwr drinking, on the evening before he becomes ealdorman. You can take this opportunity to drink mead and have a romantic night together, or choose the friendly option and chase chickens around the village. 


Vili is the son of the Snotinghamscire Jarl. Towards the end of the Snotinghamscire arc, Vili will make his move on you during the least romantic moment - at a funeral.


Estrid is part of the Essexe story arc; after completing A Breviary of Broken Hearts, find her in Wulfaswic. As long as you don’t ask whether Rollo can shake her awake, you can spend an evening together.


Aldwyn the alemaster appears in the Historia de Cordibus Pathetic world quest. Tell his admirer to sing songs of his masterful brewing, and then reveal that you were behind the idea.