The best cyberpunk games


It’s time to dust off your decks and trenchcoats, head out into the rain, and marvel at our picks of the best cyberpunk games on PC in 2020.


Later this year we’ll take a trip to Night City in CD Projekt Red’s upcoming, vastly ambitious open-world RPG based on the dystopian pen-and-paper namesake.

You’ll be able to augment your body throughout the game with extravagances such as brain implants and giant wrist-mounted scythes, as you traverse the grimy lows and glittering heights of future California.


Shadowrun is a curious blend. Elves, Orcs, and magic spliced with hacking, street samurai, and giant corporations – it’s Tolkien mixed with Gibson.

You control a group of Shadowrunners, each with their own fleshed out backstories and rich personalities, as they attempt to… well, it’s a mystery, so you’re better off finding out for yourself.

The Red Strings Club

The Red Strings Club is part cyberpunk narrative experience, part bartending sim. You play Donovan, a bartender and information broker who can judge what kind of drinks can enhance parts of people’s personalities.

It’s a story about the nature of happiness - the imminent release of a Social Psyche Welfare programme promises to eradicate depression, anger, and fear, and you’ll wade through murky moral waters to protect emotional freedom.


A squad-based, turn-based tactics game, Invisible, Inc. is an understated roguelike which hones in on tech and stealthy infiltrations.

Each mission escalates in difficulty the longer you spend in it, and completing different objectives unlocks more agents that can be used in new games, each with unique starting loadouts and quirks.


Logical but inspired problems, a thick, multi-layered story, and some of the best and most believable world building you’ll have the good fortune to witness make Technobabylon a must-play cyberpunk point-and-click game.

The game jumps between two members of the secret police with divided loyalties, and an agoraphobic hacker who prefers to spend her life in cyberspace - they all become entangled in a cracking sci-fi conspiracy.


Nomad Soul is fourth-wall-breaking cyberpunk, supernatural fantasy, an adventure game, an action game, and also features David Bowie.

You find yourself drawn into another dimension where you possess the body of a futuristic cop in the bizarre city of Omikron, in a completely barmy tale about an eternal battle between good and evil.


Deus Ex’s dramatic narrative weaves themes of conspiracy, terrorism, and transhumanism, together with intriguing characters, into a believable dystopian cyberpunk future.

Every map represents a complex sandbox ripe for experimentation. Every combat encounter has the potential to play out in remarkably different ways; should you participate in said encounter rather than slinking past it, that is.