The best
io games


Io games are designed to keep you occupied for short bursts of time, but there are a few on this list which can be mastered if you’re willing to learn. 


In this online action game, players take control of a circular cell on the hunt to consume smaller static cells. Other players control rival cells as you all compete to consume the most and grow in size.


Flappy Bird may be but a distant memory for some, but for those in the know, this hardcore side-scroller lives on as an io game. Compete against 99 other birds and navigate your way past as many green pipes as possible.


Remember the classic mobile game, Snake? takes that same concept and mixes it with The result is an even simpler version of that is just as addictive to play. 


A tank game which takes place in a 2D arena where each player controls a basic tank. As players destroy polygon objects and enemy tanks, they level up their vehicles to move faster, hit harder, and become more, uh, tanky.


This multiplayer puzzle game pits players against each other. It's a race to see who can stack and clear the most blocks in the least possible time.

SKRIBBL.IO is a multiplayer drawing game – basically an online version of Pictionary. Each player gets an opportunity to draw for the rest of the players, and is offered three words to pick from.

If you enjoy simple, fun concepts executed on a low budget, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy our best indie games on PC list.