How to get every slab in Deathloop


Colt gains access to powerful abilities by picking up slabs –  mysterious tablets that possess special powers. Each visionary has their own slab, including Colt, who has the power to come back to life after dying twice.

In addition to Colt and Julianna’s slabs, there are five more slabs in Deathloop to find and upgrade. 


The shift slab allows you to teleport across short distances. This power is extremely useful as it allows you to bypass most enemies by teleporting right past them.

Charlie Montague holds the shift slab. He can be found in Updaam at noon.


Use the aether slab to briefly turn invisible, allowing you to avoid detection from lasers and enemies. It doesn’t last very long initially but can be upgraded to extend its duration.

Egor Serling wields the aether slab. You can find him in The Complex in the evening.


The nexus slab allows you to link all nearby enemies together so that when one of them takes damage, the entire group takes damage. The link cannot be seen by enemies and can be thrown from a distance.

Harriet Morse is the keeper of the nexus slab. You can find her in Karl’s Bay in the morning.


Activating the havoc slab increases your damage and lessens any incoming damage, giving you the power of super strength. Use this ability just as you enter combat to take down enemies faster.

Fia Zborowska holds on to the havoc slab. You can find her in Fristad Rock at noon.


The karnesis slab gives you the power of telekinesis, enabling you to throw enemies around (although not objects). It’s perfect for action-focused players who want to cause a scene.

Aleksis Dorsey owns the karnesis slab. You can find him in Updaam in the evening.

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