Everything you need to know about Minecraft glow squid


One of the new mobs in the Minecraft 1.17 update is the glow squid. It's a variant of the regular squid that doesn’t really do much except look pretty. Look how it sparkles!

They bumble along without a care in the world, until you try to kill them like the monster you are. But you’re likely hunting the glow squid for a good reason – these jazzy cephalopods drop sacs of their
glow ink. 

Glow ink sacs have a couple of cosmetic uses, such as illuminating text on signs. This effect really makes the words pop, which is handy if some hooligan mob somehow dislodges your torches.

You can find glow squid underwater in dark places. They won’t attack you, but if you attack them, their glow dims slightly. Killing the glow squid nets you one to three glow ink sacs.

You can use the glow ink sac to make glow item frames. Mix one glow ink sac with an item frame in the crafting menu. 

Additionally, you can use glow ink sacs on signs to make any text brighter. If you change your mind, you can splash the sign with regular ink sacs to revert glowing text back to normal.

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