Which New World faction should you pick?


Becoming part of a New World faction is an important decision. You are restricted to joining companies – guilds, essentially – that match your faction, and if you opt in to PvP, you can be attacked by players in rival factions.

You also represent your faction in Wars - 50v50 PvP battles - over control of a settlement. The winner gets to be in charge of the settlement’s development and tax rates, and also receives buffs in the local area. 

There are plenty of reasons to pledge your allegiance. In order to pick a faction, you must reach level ten, and complete a series of beginner quests in which you speak to each faction leader. 

If you’re playing with friends, we recommend you all choose the same faction. You can change your faction once every 120 days, but can’t switch to the most dominant faction on the server. 


The Marauders are a ruthless military force who seek to use their strength to obtain freedom. If you’re looking to flex your muscles and strongarm your way to the top, the Marauders are the crowd for you.


The Covenant are a ‘fanatical order’ on a mission to cleanse the land of impurities and heretics and restore justice. If you enjoy being holier-than-thou and smiting sinners, The Covenant is the team to join.


The Syndicate is a “secretive organisation of boundless guile and intellect” – if you prefer skulking around obtaining secrets behind everyone’s backs, you’re in good company with them.

You’re now ready to make the big decision. If you’re eager for more new MMOs, here’s our list of the best.